Exclusive - Local - Affordable

Imagine a newspaper that spreads the word about your business in the Lethbridge area for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising … where your ad is the only one in your business category so your competition is shut out forever…and that’s small enough so your ad doesn’t get lost in a blur of overcrowded pages.

No, you’re not dreaming.

Introducing Coffee News, a small, free newspaper where news is fun and advertising is inexpensive.

  • Guaranteed exposure. The small format and built-in psychological triggers mean that readers ALWAYS see your ad. We know how to create ads that bring you more customers. Coffee News® is seen three meals a day, seven days a week, and readership is 5-7 times the number of copies distributed. Coffee News® allows you to reach a large, targeted audience.

  • Local distribution. You can find us at over 160 Lethbridge and Coaldale locations from fine dining establishments to fast food restaurants and other places where people wait. 

  • We have split the area into 3 different editions. – This allows your ad to be targeted and affordable. Coffee News® manages to reach the highest concentration of potential customers of any media - for a fraction of the cost!

  • Over 20,000 people could be reading your ad every week. Lethbridge is a casual kind of place. And what’s more casual than sitting down for a cup of coffee or a meal, grabbing Coffee News and enjoying a quick, entertaining read. That’s how Coffee News can help you tap into a HUGE pool of local customers.

  • Readers LIKE you right from the start! We publish only good news and we add in quirky facts that make people smile. And when people              like the paper, they like you too because they see you as part of a fun-loving group.

  • Lock out your competition! We only allow one company per category to advertise with us! Your competitors are not allowed in, promoting you as the industry leader. You have the exclusive listing in Coffee News

So… if you want to slam the door on your most formidable competitors, (they won’t even know what hit them)…if you’re tired of paying big bucks for small results…if you want to be sure that potential customers will actually SEE and READ your ad, call Duane or Carma, publishers of the Coffee News, at 403-759-1002 today.

"Since advertising with Coffee News, the response has been awesome. We have people come in almost every day because of our ad. My business has been growing substantially. We’re very happy and plan to stay with Coffee News for a long time to come."
     Terry Flint - Flint Leathers
     Lethbridge, AB

"I tried to advertise in Coffee News, but my competitor is already in.... If they ever decide not to continue with Coffee News, I plan on advertising with you. Please give me a call."
     Future Advertiser
    Lethbridge, AB

"Thank you for a light read that puts a smile on my face ..."
     Carole (Lethbridge)

"I absolutely enjoy reading Coffee News. My 7 year old son and I make a game out of finding the Coffee News Men... Definitely a nice little read for the whole family. Keep up the great work with Coffee News. Look forward to reading every issue. Thanks for making a great news paper. :)"
     Tess (Lethbridge)

I like all of the news, especially this contest. It makes me really look at the ads.

"I’ve always enjoyed the Coffee News for years and years.Thanks for your publication for all these years. It always helps to pass the time while waiting for food or whatever and is very informative and humorous."
     Robert (Lethbridge)


Anywhere from 9 - 99 years old

   Female: 67 % 
   Male: 33%

   28%         18-34 Years old
   38%         35-54 Years old
   19%         55-64 Years old
   15%         65 +   Years old

64% of our readers pick up Coffee News at least twice a month

Ad response:
51% of our readers have used an advertiser at some point

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